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About Carol

Carol McWhinney possesses unique gifts of creativity. Featuring blends of beautiful colors of eye catching kaleidoscopes, set into quilts, that can be functional as toppings for beds or used for wall hangings in a wide range of sizes. 

Carol has been practicing her craft for more than 15 years.  She has attended many quilt shows and retreats to sharpen her skills and learn more about pattern assembly and design. She has won awards 2 years in a row in her local quilt guild, competing against others with similar skill and experience.

Some years ago Carol also expanded her artistry into making lovely silk ribbon embroidery. She spends hours weaving these brightly colored ribbons into flowers and plants on picturesque backgrounds and into names or statements. These delicate and delicious works of art are very intricate in their designs and make admirable 3 dimensional wall art.

Carol’s Colorful Quilts and Crafts are truly works of art that provide a warm and cozy atmosphere wherever they are displayed.

A Note from Carol

Thank you for looking at my site, I hope you enjoy. I started quilting in 2003. Most of the quilts you see have been machine washed and have been displayed somewhere in my home throughout the years. They are one of a kind because of the fabrics used or the quilting done. The silk ribbon pieces are usually made from a kit, I sometimes use different colors than are in the kit or add more flowers. Please email me with any questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you again for looking.